Monday, June 15, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday is always followed by today and tomorrow would become another today. Someone, who I take as a mentor said this to me in different ways and I predicted it in this sentence. Yesterday always has somethings to say and predict our today and what follows we don't know. However, your yesterday has a lot of importance in your lives because it is the yesterday that has the damn guts to make you, break you or change you. My yesterday also taught me a lot and not only did it slow poison me but also managed to ingrain the thought of changing myself.

No matter how much you feel your life is simple, it's going on and no matter what happens to you, you will still remain the same, others don't let you. There is no such thing that would allow you to be yourself and look at the world with your eyes. People around you just want you to see the world through your eyes, friends don't remain because they were never the friends you thought them to be. The world is heading towards nowhere because it's the people, who are actually heading nowhere.

I faced a situation yesterday and my trust on people is going for a toss. I was a happy-go-lucky girl, who now feels that this was her biggest mistake. I was headstrong that no matter what happens, I would never change myself.I would cherish any good moment and learn something new through the bad ones. But post this one incident that shattered a lot of things in me, has actually shattered my inner self. It has managed to finally make me think that I should change and just not bother about anyone around me. This is the world I am living in, a world that does not value friends, a world that does not value anyone; it's only your selfish motives. It was yesterday that I got the blow that has changed my today and will change any tomorrow that I wait to see.

Friday, March 06, 2009


These two guys are my friends. I would not like to mention their names in my post. I am talking about them because these two people have showed me one aspect of life. My journey in Delhi for the past 4 years has been a varied one. Where on one side I have managed to meet some really bad people, on the other I have come across these two guys. And trust me I feel obliged to know them because they have shown me a completely different face of life. These two guys, who actually know each other, do not know each other's story and I am the only common person, who knows their story. The reason for this is because I have been patient enough to know their stories. Most of my friends are settled out of Delhi and I know how much I crave to be with them in my bad days. Today I am taking this opportunity to talk about them because I want people to know that the grass is not always greener on the other side.
There is a lot of similarities among these two guys. They share a similar story in their personal lives and they are also the same kind when it comes to not sharing their problems with anyone.Their characters are so strong and that is because they have seen so much. This being a public portal I would not exactly want to say what they have seen. All I can say that they have not really been able to fulfill their dreams at the age when I was going to school and enjoying my life. They had to start off early, so that they could become the backbone of their respective families. And it is for sure that they have lived upto their dreams and aspirations. I have had many friends come and go out of my lives and I know how much I don't like them. Though I also have some amazing friends but these two guys definitely have something in them that makes me feel so proud of knowing them. No one would get to know their stories. But I have this aspiration in me that wants me to write a book and dedicate it to them. You must be wondering what their ages would be. One is 25 and one is 26. And they have been battling since ages now. They have taught that when we try to measure up our own problems and complain about it, there might be more people, who are facing more problems and their journey seems to be a never ending one. In fact, if we look around, there are so many people who are so silent and show that they are enjoying life but have so much depth in them. These two guys also have this quality. The depth in them, their patience level, the way they are, I cannot imagine being like them. If I face a problem, I tend to go into my shell. But now I know I would not do that. Their apsirations are high and I know they would get what they aspire for.
And when I say I feel obliged to know their stories is because they have influenced me. Strongly influenced me. They have left me speechless. Because the way they are when they are among people. The way they control their emotions, their problems. They never utter a single thing. They are real life heroes and they are the two of my FRIENDS. Guys if you two read it I would love to say this to you that I really love you guys for the way you are. You are two people I would always look up to. Love you.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wohi Khuda Hai (HE IS THE BEING)

"Wohi Khuda Hai" is one of those rarely heard songs by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab. I came across this song yesterday. The reason why I came across this song is because I was trying to go forward with my research on Sufism. Now some of my Literate Friends would again pass some wierd comments on the topic of my research. They would again tag me as mad, as someone, who is losing it. Well, if that's how it is, then I am happy being MAD in this world. While conducting my research on Sufism and it's various facts, I started discussing Islam with one of my Moslem friends. Though she herself does not believe in religion but the way she explained certain facts about HER religion to me, I was left speechless. The world is going through a lot in the name of the Being and Jehad. I don't have anything against any religion but being a part of this world, I have all the rights to know about all religions and to raise my voice in whichever way possible. This is one way to do that is what I feel.
I have always heard people say that the Quoran says that Islam is the best religion and that all people should be killed in the name of this religion. Well, this is absolute nonsense. Each religion, be it Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, they all propagate their religion but no religion says that kill people of the other religion. It seems that the LITERATE lot has somehow misunderstood and misinterpreted what all religions have to say. And especially when it comes to Islam, the scene is bad. Well, the reason can also be the fact that most terrosists follow Islam and their understanding of JEHAD is completely opposite to what it actually is. WHile trying to understand certain things, I came across the concept of JEHAD. SO, now let me help you guys understand teh exact concept. Jehad means to REACT against a wrong ACT. Jehad says that if you witness something wrong, you should not be passive to it. You should raise your voice or take any action to convey what is RIGHT. This is Jehad and it is not about killing people in the name of the Being. If you also see examples from one of the most celebrated Hindu Epics, Mahabharata, there also the Pandavas fought and killed their own cousins and Gurus, who were worng. The Pandavas REACTED against what is wrong. But never would we see anyone saying anything against this major episode known as the KURUKSHETRA.
The one thing that astonishes me today is that how much ignorant we have become about things.We are standing nowhere and unfortunately we do not want to go anywhere. It seems that we are happy being at the midst of nowhere.We are witnessing some of the msot cruel terrosist attacks, even in the galli nukkads people are fighting in the name of the Being. The Literate lot refuses to see or do anything. Well, I know we are all concerned about our own safety. But how safe are we? We cannot predict when a terrosist attack will happen and when we would die. I know that we really can't do much. We can't go to our neighbouring country and ask the terrosists to stop what they are doing. But being a part of a democratic nation, we can atleast change the way we look at different religions and understand the fact that we belong to one nation. We are ONE. We might belong to different religions and different cultures but it is the flesh, blood and the soul that makes all of us. The Being for whom we are all fighting like cats and dogs, is the One who created all of us. It is Him we all pray to. Hence, in his name, let's educate oursleves about other religions. "NEITHER YOU NOR I SOLVED THE SECRET OF THE BEING, NEITHER YOU NOR I OPENED THE PUZZLE, THE IMAGE OF YOU AND I ARE HIDDEN BEHIND THE CURTAIN, WHEN THE CURTAIN FALLS, NEITHER YOU NOR I WILL REMAIN"

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Art is indeed the food for the soul

I am back after a long time. This time, I decided not to write about social causes, I want to write about something else. Let this be music. Music has been the food for the soul and that is so true. If I talk about myself, I cannot imagine myself without music. In fact, let me do something. Let me talk about some art forms that we humans create for other humans to enjoy. This includes music, dance, theatre, films, paintings, novels (I just forgot about them). All these art forms that are created by someone has so much importance in our lives. They reflect our emotions, they relect us and they uplift our spirits. They not only entertain us but also say something to us. However, somehow, most of us do not let these art pieces get into soul. In fact, we don't even let them peep into our heart. There is so much that the world of art has to offer to us. For me they are definitely the food for my soul. Today itself, I was researching about Sufism, I am fascinated by it. It touched my soul and I am on my journey to know more about it. Wish me luck, as I really want to find out everything possible about it. I wish we belonged to this perfect world where there is peace, love and lots of art forms. I wish everyday I could dance in the rain, sing my heart out, watch theatrics every evening over a cup of coffee with friends. That would be a perfect life. I would definitely continue working, that will give me the money....but wait...I was talking about the perfect world........then why do I need to work :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Year That TAUGHT

With 2008 coming to an end, most of us seem to be breathing a sigh of relief. Most of us have been complaining of this year, which is about to fly by in another 2 days and will bring to us a new morning, the same sun but with a new ray of hope to it. However, paradoxically, though we and this year witnessed some of the worst things, those bad memories will erase out within the next two days and will leave us with some new experiences and new days. So now that we are almost about to cross the finish line of this year's not so happening race, why not look back at some things that happened.

Most of my friends, acquaintances and people I know say that 2008 was a particularly bad year. Not only did the global village face some of the biggest crises, even our personal lives went through alot. I won't lie, I too saw some random events happening in my personal life that left me shattered for a while. Well, again to be honest, I too am pretty happy that this year is coming to an end. Coming to the point when many things happened, not only did the financial crunch strike, which left many devastated and dejected faces; the crime scene too went to all extents. I feel that this year there were too many murders, rapes and all the crimes; with terrosist attacks topping the charts. In fact, if noticed, our enviorment also seems not to be with us. Natural calamities causing unnatural deaths also happened. However, the good news seems that the coming year might not be that bad. How do I know that? Well, like any other person, I browsed through some sites that have already started giving out predictions for the next year. In fact, one of the sites said that the coming year might act as the healer for the mi
shaps that occured this year. Now that is something I am not sure about. But given to the observations and analysis that I did based on whatever happened in my life and things that I saw, I am sure I can act as a balm for my wounds and heal them now. So why not share it with you guys. (Again, I don't know how many of you would read my post and even if you read, I don't know whether you would like to think the way I thought)

Anyways, now coming to the questions I shot to myself include:

  • My Character (Character, as in the strength in my charcter and not the other way that we understand character)
  • My Social Responsibility
  • And the most important one, my responsibilty towards myself

Well, apart from these ones, I really can't think of any other questions right now. If any of you want to add some more questions, please go ahead and help me and the others, who read my post. When a year ends, it takes away everything it gave us in that year. But one thing unique about this year is that even though it will fade away with a new morning on the 1st of January 2009, it cannot wash away the experiences that we all witnessed. Because each experience is God's way or rather Life's way of teaching us who we are and what we are made of. So, now that we all have learnt something or the other and I can bet that we all actually have learnt something, why not put out learnings into practice, afterall what's learning without practicing it and practice makes a man perfect. This will help us to build our charcters and at the same time, will help us build a secured and better tomorrow. Afterall, it is all about we (WE)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Life's Calling

Remember the tagline of Bacardi "Life's Calling"....I guess yes. How true it is. I always like the advertisement because it is absolutely amazing but realizing the meaning is more blissful. Life is such a beauty, it has so much to offer. Cribbing over small things has always been a human tendency and it very much will exist in all of us. But realizing the worth of life and the various opportunities that it has to offer us makes life and existence all the more simple. There is so much happening in the world, in our personal lives that we generally land up seeing the dark side of everything. But barely do we see the silver lining. Learning to see the silver lining will help us. How, well that is something we would need to realize it ourself.

Let me just share my thoughts on how I see the silver lining about all the various problems that's going on in the world first and then I'll discuss about my personal life. Let's talk about the global economic slowdown. Major industries have been hit by it and people have limited scope now. But if you see the silver lining, people have more to think and more fields to explore. They can actually finally break the trends and create new trends by studying subjects that many tread to take up, by taking up jobs that were never explored. This will actually lead to various discoveries. What say, have you thought about it yet?

Next, the Mumbai blasts. We have always been abusing terrorists and saying that what are they getting by doing all this. The only way of protesting that we know is by burning the wax. Will that help? No it will not because we need to help ourself. How? Well, we actually need to get emphathetic about the one's who are executing these tasks. There has to be a reason for it and as far as my understanding goes, it is definitely their poverty that makes them vulnerable to all these things. A man who cannot afford two time's meals for his family, will definitely not be educated and will be misguided. How can we help? We are the educated lot that earns a salary, survives in this world and also manages to indulge in luxuries. Why not get a bit selfless, not a lot to ask I guess. Let us see the silver lining and take up our responsibilities and avoid creating any more terrorists. Let us just help each other and see a better world. God that seems like a gyan huh?

Now in my personal life, I went through a major crisis, a crisis that I was not ready to face. But this crisis helped me be friends with complete strangers and I realized that life always gives us a second chance and that Life is surely calling us to take care of ourself and also of the one's around us. Moreover, it also is calling us to enjoy our lives and to "drink life to the brim". Now that the new year is around, cheers to all and enjoy life and always see the silver lining no matter what happens in your lives and in the world. Happy New Year to all. I know it's too early :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


In the starless night
I look up and pray
Lord, let there be happiness
Let there be peace

The world needs you Lord
Each cry needs you
The homeless, the foodless
They all need you

The starless night
Says nothing; only stares
The dark night
Only mourns of the pain

The world is being shattered
Humans are being crashed
Hopes are being crushed
lives are being squashed

With some hopes
I look up into the starless night
When a twinkle in the sky
Sparkles; Prayers will not be unanswered

I hear a whisper
"Lord is in all humans
Humans won't be crashed
Hpoes won't be crushed
The world won't be shattered
Lives won't be squashed"

In the starless night
The twinkle whispered
"Lord is in all humans
Take the world in your hands
And protect it with each breath you take"